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Why These Minerals are Important on Keto?

April 26, 2018

Why These Minerals are Important on Keto?

Low carb (ketogenic) diet is known for many benefits and it’s proven to be healthy when approached properly. Many people use supplements such as exogenous ketones to help them with adaptation to keto or to stay in ketosis, but most people take the supplements simply because they generally know that it helps, without full understanding of what these supplements do “behind the scenes” and why it’s so important to stay on top of it.

In this short article we are going to cover three important minerals – sodium, calcium and magnesium. These electrolytes are essential for most bodily functions and their balance is vital for the overall health.



We are usually informed that it’s very important to minimize our salt consumption. Indeed, when we are eating a high carb diet, our insulin levels are naturally higher and with higher insulin levels our kidneys retain more sodium which can result in greater sodium/potassium proportions.

When we get on a reduced carb or keto diet, our insulin levels are also reduced, our kidneys retain less sodium which results in lower sodium/potassium proportions, thus requiring more salts in our diet.

If you are practicing a low-carb diet, it’s recommended to take 3-5g of sodium that can be consumed through natural foods, salts (we recommend healthy, mineral rich salts) or supplemented. For the reference, each tablespoon (6g) of salt contains around 2g of sodium. Natural sources of Sodium include eggs, red meats, vegetables like cucumbers and celery. KEYTO+B12 BHB Salts complex contains 930mg of sodium BHB per serving.



Most people know that calcium is a mineral that keeps our bones strong. This is true but calcium also plays important roles in many other important bodily functions such as muscle contractions, blood clotting, nerve function just to name a few.

As you are adapting to a low carb diet, calcium could be flushing out of your body, so you may need to supplement it. Normally, the recommended daily allowance for calcium is around 1000mg for a healthy adult and while most known source of it is dairy, you can also find it in some calcium-rich vegetables such as kale and broccoli or in fish. KEYTO+B12 BHB Salts complex contains 875mg of Calcium BHB per serving.



Magnesium is one of the most vital electrolytes in our body - it actually regulates levels of other electrolytes, maintains heart health, immunity system, energy system, nerve and muscle functions. It helps us sleep better and prevents migraines.  In fact, magnesium is responsible for maintaining over 300 different bodily functions!

Unfortunately, magnesium is also the most deficient mineral. According to statistics, close to 60% of all Americans have magnesium deficiency. It’s fairly common amongst low-carb dieters as well especially that a lot of magnesium-rich foods such as vegetables and flower seeds, dairy and nuts (just to name a few) contain carbs and we cannot consume enough of them. Keto-friendly sources of magnesium include fish, avocados, cook spinach, artichokes, almonds and dark chocolate. Recommended daily allowance of magnesium is normally 420mg for a healthy adult male and 310mg for female.  KEYTO+B12 BHB Salts complex contains 109mg of Magnesium BHB per serving.

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