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About Keto

What is Keto?

Many will answer this question straight away - it's a weight loss diet (perhaps that most effective one). Not exactly! Keto has become a lifestyle for many people who want to live healthier, better and longer, and while weight loss is without any doubts one of the important benefits of ketogenic diet, countless keto fans praise this diet for much more than that and im simple terms, here is why...

A ketogenic or “keto” diet is a low-carb and high-fat diet that utilizes your body’s ability to produce ketones and use them as a primary energy source. This metabolic state is called ketosis, and it can help you lose weight, improve your athletic and mental performance. In other words, not only it can help you with the weight loss, but at the same time it makes you feel better throughout the day and achieve more - something truly priceless!

When we eat foods containing carbs, our bodies produce glucose as fuel for energy. This process does not metabolize excess fats, which are just stored inside the body. However, when your carb intake is low, the liver starts converting fat into ketones and using them as a new source of energy. As the body adapts to low carb intake, it starts producing ketones naturally – entering ketosis and maintaining optimal energy levels.

Interestingly, the ketogenic diet is not just some new fad. Doctors noticed the benefits of low-carb dieting in the early 20th century and began using it to treat epilepsy. Today, keto is becoming increasingly popular – as study after study support the many important benefits of this diet.

Weight loss: Since fat is used as a fuel for energy production, the keto diet turns your body into a fat-burning machine. With high fat intake, your body experiences less cravings for food thus keto acts as an appetite suppressant. Even though fat intake is high, many studies have shown the keto diet to be more effective than a low-fat diet for losing weight.

Increased mental clarity: we are all familiar with the “hyper-active” state that comes with eating too much sugar. As a simple carbohydrate, sugar converts into glucose and causes “energy spikes”. What you may not realize is that your blood sugar levels increase after each time you eat. While “spike” may not be dramatic, these fluctuations interfere with your mental focus. Since carb intake is very low on the keto diet, your blood sugar levels can stabilize, thus improving your focus and overall mental performance.

Improved energy levels: Do you ever feel like taking a nap after a big meal? Consuming carbs elevates insulin levels in the body, which leads to lethargy. Studies show that ketones are a better energy source for the body: they generate more energy than glucose and supply it consistently throughout the day, without bog ups and downs. That’s why many people use exogenous ketones and keto diet for athletic endurance.