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Four Major Keto Mistakes People Make

December 01, 2020

Four Major Keto Mistakes People Make

There are many mistakes people make on the Keto Diet, but based on our experience, we'd like to point four major keto mistakes:⠀

First and the most common mistake - too much protein. If your daily diet contains 60g of protein and 70g of fat, for example, it's doubtful that you are going to get into ketosis or even stay in ketosis. ⠀

Second, and also a widespread mistake - not getting enough carbs. I know what you are about to say... Yes, keto is a "low-carb" diet, but it's not a "no-carb" diet. Your body still needs carbs for normal functioning, and 20g per day is usually the minimum, though some people should not exceed it. ⠀

The third mistake is thinking that you'll keep on losing weight just because you are in ketosis. You will, but only if you create a caloric deficit. You will lose weight initially, but it's water weight, so don't let it fool you. Once the water weight is gone, the only way to continue losing those pounds is through burning more calories than consuming.⠀

Finally, mistake number four is not paying attention to the food you buy. Many people are so excited to start on keto, they go to the supermarket and buy everything that falls under the "high fat" definition. Unfortunately, it may not work this way. Many fat-rich (especially processed) products will contain unhealthy fats, hidden carbs, and glucose. The best advice is to avoid processed foods, try consuming as many whole foods as possible, and always read the labels when you buy them. ⠀

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