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Easy Ways to Boost Your Collagen Through Diet

January 19, 2021

Easy Ways to Boost Your Collagen Through Diet

Found naturally in every inch of your body, collagen is the most abundant variety of protein in human beings. It forms more than 70% of skin and much of our connective tissue and bones. 
However, as we age, the body’s vital collagen supply starts to diminish—this loss results in hair loss, brittle nails, aging, and deteriorating joints and bone health.
Proteins are not at the center of the keto diet, and you might end up eating less than you should. The addition of collagen to your meals, particularly when you are on a keto diet, is a great way to fulfill this protein-deficit. The good news is that collagen does not affect ketosis in any way. 

Here are a few easy ways to incorporate collagen-forming nutrients into your diet:

  • Collagen is made of specific nutrients that can be derived from your diet. Indulge in keto foods with the right amino acids such as fish, whole eggs, shellfish, grass-fed meat, and nut butter. 
  • Found mainly in animal skin and bone broth, the amino acid glycine plays a pivotal role in producing collagen in your body. A collagen-rich bone broth makes for a perfect addition to your keto diet. 
  • Vitamins and minerals are necessary for the production of collagen. Add foods that contain vitamins C, E, A, B6, and B12 to your diet. 
  • Calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, phytochemicals like lutein (found in spinach and Swiss chard), and selenium are other minerals required to formulate collagen. 
  • Other than following a balanced keto regime, an easy way to incorporate collagen is by adding a quality collagen powder supplement to your diet. Made of premium grass-fed and pasture-raised collagen and potent MCT oil powder plus electrolytes, KEYTO Collagen is a reliable keto-friendly collagen-rich protein source. It can easily be added to your favorite beverage (water, coffee, shakes, almond milk, and smoothies) and used as a baking ingredient. 

Fulfill your body’s need for collagen-forming nutrients with your diet and the right supplement to reap all the benefits of this essential protein. 

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