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Ketosis, come back!

December 30, 2018

Ketosis, come back!

So you've been celebrating Christmas, having so much fun, and then you accidentally tripped and fell right into a beautiful big piece of holiday cake... What do you do?

One thing you shouldn't do is keep on loading yourself with "forbidden fruits" reasoning that it's OK because you are going to be out of ketosis anyway. The less glycogen you've stored, the easier you are going to burn it, and your ketones levels will go up again.

If you literally ate just one piece of cake, skip your breakfast the next morning and then move on with your usual diet. However, in case it was more than that, you may want to take the following advice:

  • Immediately lower your carbs intake to 20g, you can even try to go carb-free for a couple of days.
  • Substitute your breakfast with a nice cup of coffee with MCT Oil. It's going to help your liver start producing ketones faster.
  • Wait at least 5-6 hours between meals. If it doesn't make you feel too hungry, it's a good time to practice some IF.
  • Stay active, go to the gym, this way you are going to lower glycogen levels in liver and muscles.
  • Add more healthy fats to your diet until your ketones levels are back up.

You should be back in ketosis in a few days, and when you are, do not blame yourself - if you treat keto as a lifestyle and it's a long-term journey for you, it's going to be hard to avoid these situations once in a while.



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